General Overview

Luxembourg - European Centre for Judges and Lawyers

Understanding EU law is essential for anyone dealing with the transposition, application and enforcement of rules and legislation in national administrations and legal systems.

EIPA's European Centre for Judges and Lawyers in Luxembourg (ECJL) provides services in the fields of European law and the administration and quality of justice for those working in the European legal professions, as well as for civil servants, corporate counsels, academics and others with an interest in EU legislation and law.

About the centre
Created in 1992, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA's centre in Luxembourg, aims to be the leading provider of EIPA services in Community and European Union law and the quality of justice for the judiciary as well as lawyers, public servants and other legal experts working in the European arena. The centre's resident team of legal experts ensures an in-depth knowledge of both Community law and national law. This team is reinforced by an extensive network of external experts, consisting of legal practitioners (members and legal secretaries of the Court of Justice, the Court of First Instance and national courts, private practicing lawyers, etc.) national public servants, Community officials and academics.

Specifically with respect to its seminar and training activities, the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers combine the transfer of knowledge with transfer of practical know-how and exchanges among practitioners of good practices.

The centre also offers various life-long learning programmes on European law issues, which are tailor-made to meet the needs and availability of professionals. The programmes include part-time and module- based Master programmes, which meet the Bologna criteria, and on-line training programmes.

Finally, the centre is continuously expanding its network of bilateral co-operation agreements with national schools for the judiciary and participates in various general and specialised networks dealing with European law and judicial co-operation and training issues. 

Core modules
The activities of the centre in Luxembourg revolve around a package of regular seminar series:

  • Implementation, application and enforcement of European law: seminars providing updates on recent developments in various fields of law as well as practical training activities on the interpretation, transposition/approximation, application and enforcement of specific European legal instruments. The centre's activities cover various Internal Market and Regulatory issues such as European food law, consumer protection law, environmental law, intellectual property and financial services, as well as in the fields of judicial co-operation in civil and criminal matters and law enforcement co-operation.

  • Administration and quality of justice: practical training modules on the introduction and implementation of quality management and electronic tools within the judicial system, access to justice and development of personal skills of members, officials and other representatives of the European legal profession.

  • EU procedural law: improving knowledge of and practical training on the procedures of the European Courts (e.g. the different legal actions before the courts and the preliminary ruling), good litigation practices before these courts as well as various enforcement procedures (such as the infringement procedure).

  • Horizontal and special programmes: general adult learning programmes (such as the Masters in European Legal Studies and the Master in European Integration and Regionalisation), intensive training programmes on general European economic law and how to prepare for the EPSO competitions, and training of EU law trainers programmes.
Contact address:
European Centre for Judges and Lawyers
2 Circuit de la Foire Internationale
L - 1347 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 426 230-1
Fax: (+352) 426 237
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NEWS: EIPA's European Centre for Judges and Lawyers is recognised as one of the main providers of judicial training in EU Law in the recently published European Commission's report on judicial training.
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